• Asset Balancing to ensure you have the right software in the right quantity and deployed in the most efficient and economical way.
  • Procedures for safeguarding licensing documentation against theft or misuse.
  • Communication with your employees about the benefits of software compliance and the risks of noncompliance.

Reduce Risks – SAM best practices help you manage license compliance throughout your organization.
When you effectively track and document your software licenses, you lower the risk of noncompliance. You also create a better working environment for your employees and partners.

Save Money – SAM can reduce costs by:

  • Eliminating or reallocating underused software licenses.
  • Limiting overhead associated with managing and supporting software.
  • Reducing the potential for unexpected software costs.
  • Avoiding payment of damages for noncompliance.
  • Staying safe with an effective SAM program that will reduce downloads and purchases of software from unauthorized sites that can infect computers with viruses.
  • Getting support by using only licensed software. Most companies do not offer technical support for unregistered software.
  • Improving employee productivity with access to user manuals, reference materials, and product support. When you institute SAM best practices, you manage these resources effectively.
  • Instilling confidence for business partners. SAM helps you stay compliant, which puts your partners at ease. If you’re contracting or subcontracting on a project, your partner will expect you to follow the law.
  • Staying informed about your software products from software vendors, such as Autodesk, when you’re a licensed, registered user.
  • Meeting your legal obligations by knowing and complying with the terms of your end-user license agreements.

CAD-1 SAM and HealthCheck Services are an excellent solution for obtaining optimal productivity from your team and technologies.  A CAD-1 HealthCheck assists organizations in determining the practices, processes and workflows that will help them become more effective, efficient and confident in the use of their Autodesk tools.  CAD-1 HealthChecks have helped organizations measure, refine and improve workflows, leading to significantly greater productivity.  Combined with the SAM program, a HealthCheck rounds out the analysis and identifies:

  • Ways that technology deployments and hardware can be used for greatest efficiency.
  • Training procedures for specific software to help employees get the most from these tools.
  • Workflows that are outmoded or otherwise inefficient or that can be improved.
  • The organization’s current process and future goals and a correlation with the appropriate Autodesk technology.
  • A technology and asset plan centered around your organization’s short, medium and long-term goals, thus ensuring the best possible technologies are in place and employees are up-to-date on those technologies as the plan progresses.

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